Colorful and delicious cocktail snacks are an ideal option for birthdays or wedinngs events.
You can choose cold or hot snacks from our offer.

Canape of smoked ham and melon
Skewers of mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil
Canape with tuna mousse
Canape of Slavonian Kulen and mini corn
Canape ham and horseradish
Mini skewers of cheese and olives
Rolls of salami and fresh cheese

Homemade mini bread
Fried oyster mushrooms
Croissants mini wiener
Mini bread stuffed with cheese
Chicken sticks in sesame seeds
Mini cheese strudel
Colorful mini skewers of chicken and vegetables
Stuffed skewers with cheese and ham
Mini cordon Blue

Creamy salad with ham and cheese
Tuna salad with pasta
Mexican salad
Greek salad with feta cheese